Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yes, another purse. Yes, another cat picture.

A friend of mine is getting married, and we went to a wedding convention this weekend with her future mother in law. No one took pictures, but there was a booth that was focused on a 1940s theme wedding. All the people working at the booth were dressed in 1940s outfits and hair. It was too cute! I don't have a huge desire to get married in the first place, but that would definitely be my dream wedding. We took a break and stopped by a vintage shop. Not only did my friend's MIL buy me the gloves I had picked out for myself, but she also surprised me with this purse! It was so sweet! It reminds me of a purse I had from my grandma when I was little that was more of a "dress up" toy, and eventually got ruined. So a big thank you to Mrs. B.

And since cats are awesome, here is a picture of my sister's cat that we were cat sitting over the weekend. He sounds and looks evil, but he's so sweet and cuddly.


  1. Purses and cats...two of my favorite things!


  2. I knew there was something about you I liked! ;)

  3. Awww!!! Purses and cats are awesome! I should get a picture of my cat WITH my vintage purses!

  4. Fabulous purse! Happy to have discovered your blog! Found you through The Kim Show...

  5. Love the purse, I have a similar one. Love the cat too! My dog struggles to stay still for a photo. Discovered you through Vixen Vintage.

  6. Thanks! I usually have to take sneak-attack pictures of my animals :)