Friday, January 7, 2011

Trying to do more outfit posts...

I want to start doing more outfit posts. Two problems: 1. Most of the time my clothes are more casual/un-vintage than I like to fantasize 2. Remembering to take pictures is hard. We'll see how this plan goes. Maybe the answer is going to more drag shows because it seems like it's the only time where I dress cute AND get evidence. These pictures are from a while ago, seeing the wonderful Pandora Boxx. My clothes were modern (vintage inspired), but my jewelry/purse were the real deal! Goal two is to start looking more excited in my pictures. I have a pretty "dead pan" personality though, so that might be harder to do...

I'm going to a late Christmas party tomorrow and a wedding convention Sunday. Depending on what I decide to wear, there might be a good chance of more outfit posts coming soon!

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