Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Retro Beach Towel Giveaway

I have a giveaway for this vintage towel on my other blog. To enter, please check it out here

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Friday, June 12, 2015

New Blog Address

Hello! Long time no post. I sort of just got bored with blogging and took a long break, but I've started another blog recently. It still will have vintage topics, it just won't be the total focus. I have no idea if anyone still follows me to notice this post in the first place, but if you're interested in my new blog, please check it out here  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, NC

I was traveling for work recently, and ended up having time to stop at the Ava Gardner museum in Smithfield, NC. It had been something I've wanted to visit for years, but it's just slightly too far away to be a convenient day trip. It was fabulous! There was a film room that played a 15-20 minute movie about her life. The main exhibit room had displays of her actual dresses, jewelry, different possessions she owned, and tons of pictures. There was a "library" with over a dozen paintings of her, and a video of her on the game show "What's my Line" playing. A fair amount of people were visiting the museum that day. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I would have been a little heartbroken thinking that no one cared enough to visit her museum besides me. The museum definitely focused on the positive parts of her life, and stayed away from most of the scandal. Even though that might not have been completely realistic, I'm glad the museum chose to do it that way. 

The gift shop had a lot of fun souvenirs that were reasonably priced. I bought a set of cards with her photo and quotes. They even sold moonshine jam! If anyone is interested in making a trip, they are having a film festival and various activities October 4-6. I'm not sure if photos inside were allowed or not, but I only took one goofy picture of me in the front.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My most unbelievable family story ever

My mom and I went to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at a movie theater that plays retro movies every week. Half way through she leaned over and made a comment along the lines of, "Grandpa measured her at Harvard, I think." I did not know wtf she was talking about so I just assumed she was making a joke that went over my head and didn't really think twice about it. After the movie she said that either Jane Russell or Ava Gardner went to visit Harvard, and the anthropology club took her "scientific measurements" and gave her a human skull as a gift. Um, WHAT? The only thing crazier than that story is the fact that this was the first I had heard of it, ever. That's my grandpa on the right. This post might also be a good time to mention that he was also friends with Fred Gwynne, who played Herman on The Munsters and also went to Harvard. I've heard that story since I was a kid though. I wonder what other stories my family is keeping secret from me.

Monday, April 15, 2013

US Post Office Museum in DC

I have no excuses for not blogging since January(?), I'm just a terrible blogger. Recently I spent my spring break in D.C. Nothing went as planned, but it was still fun to do something different. I had planned on going to the Sewall-Bellmont House Museum which focuses on women's suffrage. They were doing renovations and only gave tours by appointment. That was not mentioned on the website, so if anyone is interested in going, call ahead! I look forward to going back to it sometime.

Instead I ended up going to the US Post Office Museum, mostly as a "joke" because it sounded like the most boring topic for a museum ever, so naturally I had to see what it was all about. Luckily, I could not have been more wrong! There were so many old photos, stamps, and models of cars, trains and planes. There really was a lot of vintage/retro goodness to drool over. They even had exhibits about the Titanic and the Hindenburg, which I never would have expected. They had a lot of hands on activities that would be good for kids. It really was a fun museum. Going along with the "bad blogger" theme, I did not bring a camera, so these are just a couple stolen phone pictures of a cute mail dog, and me being silly.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's not too hot for treasures

It's 102 degrees today. That's the number on the thermometer on our porch in the shade, and not factoring what it feels like because of humidity. GROSS! I did stop by a vintage store and bought this super cute kitty brooch!

I had two jobs and an internship most of May and all of June. I literally had two days off all of June. It was good for my wallet, but not for my blog. There was hardly time to do anything vintage related, and even less time to blog about it if I had. I did listen to a ton of Wanda Jackson and Patsy Cline on my commutes though. I hope everyone is having a fun summer!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation Outfits and Flashing People

My great friend/roommate graduated today! This was at her art show, and we both wore outfits (unplanned) with a little bit of a 1950s flare. I also wore a pair of bloomers I just bought. It's like I could tell the future, because a little old lady that was sitting in front of me pulled her jacket off the back of her chair along with my skirt while I was standing up after the ceremony was over. Keeping it classy, as always.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ava Gardner > 14th Century Social Classes

I always find the best books when I have tons of school reading to be doing. Ahhhh! This biography of Ava Gardner was at the thrift store. It's been really good so far, but it's a big book and it goes on some strange tangents every now and then about the most random people. It's weird thinking about how awesome old Hollywood actresses seem on the surface, when in reality they were often so tortured and unhappy. It's kind of sad to think about.
These bangles were also picked up on the same thrifting trip.  
This was a coloring book that teaches children that it's OK to say no. The writing is tiny, but the first page asks if the man shown was a bad person. If I knew someone who looked that cool as a child, I would have hung out with him every day. Just look at his outfit, he's obviously nothing but pure class and good style. That parrot on the other hand, is a total creepster. Everything about this coloring book makes me laugh.
I'm sure a lot of people reading this blog are also going into exam/finals season, so good luck! Summer vacation (hopefully) is only a few weeks away!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, This Weekend...

My sister and I went to a vaudeville show on Saturday with some friends. Then my other sister and I went to a drag show on Sunday with some friends. Then I had to write a paper for school that almost killed me. Despite almost being murdered by homework, it was a great weekend. Oh yeah, and my brother found a baby bunny den in our garden. It was all I could do not to snatch them up and put them straight into my old guinea pig mansion.

This picture reminds me that I need to "dress up" more often for no reason. I've gotten very lazy these days. My sister won the classic movie trivia contest, and ended up giving me that poster. Woo hoo!

I know I will never be as glamorous as a drag queen, but I feel like whenever I take a picture with one, I look like a stoned hunch-back. This was amazing because the drag queen with her hand on my shoulder actually demanded that I take a picture with HER because she thought I looked like Abby from CSI and it is her favorite show. There is nothing more flattering than a compliment from a drag queen.

Can anyone else tell how punchy I feel right now? Time to get my ass in BED! I hope everyone had a fun weekend.