Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rodeo Vacation

Growing up in Tucson, school kids always got a three (maybe four?) day weekend in February because of the rodeo being in town. There was a friend on facebook still living there that mentioned that the rodeo was in town so that brought back some fun memories. I haven't lived in Tucson for over ten years, but now I'm in the mood to watch some ("girly") Western movies today! If you have Netflix, these are some movie suggestions that are all on instant play (for the moment):

-The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend with Betty Grable
-The Outlaw with Jane Russull
-Foxfire with Jane Russell (this isn't exactly a Western movie, but it is set in Arizona)
-Calamity Jane with Doris Day

Now break out your cowgirl boots and six shooters and have at it :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skeleton Gingham Valentine

Even being chronically single, I've always thought Valentine's Day was super fun. This year's wasn't great because I am sick, and had a ton of school stuff to do. Just another fussy day, but hanging out with the roommates was fun, and I did get this cute Valentine. A skeleton with red roommate knows me too well :D

These are pictures from a Fairy Tale themed Valentine's Day party my friend had a few years ago. That would be Prince Eric (Little Mermaid), Prince Charming, Puss in Boots, an Ugly Step-sister, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Princess, Prince Charming (again), and Rapunzel. Yes, that IS the Frog Princess and Rapunzel getting into a girl fight over their "man."

This is from a Valentine's Day tea party I had even longer ago where everyone had to dress up as a famous couple that was no longer together because of divorce, a break up, or death. My friend was Yoko Ono, and I was Nancy of Sid and Nancy.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone! <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My two favorite things...

are drag queens and 1950s style bad-"girls." Just a warning, this isn't super nasty, but you might not want to watch it at work, or if you have delicate sensibilities ;)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Yes, I'm still alive!

Where have I been these days? Well, I spent winter break at my parents' house. I hardly posted anything over break because I (almost literally) did nothing but work and watch Gossip Girl. Now I'm back at school and my Internet/computer always has something going wrong. I haven't really been doing much other than school either. The funny thing is, I seem to get a lot more followers when I'm not posting anything. So thank you for that! :D I really want to try to get back to posting more regularly. I did get this cute ashtray though, and who doesn't love hippos?