Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks Mom!!!

I went to a vintage store today to pick up a necklace for my sister that I had seen when I was there the last time. I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself until my mom found one of the most glorious/gaudy purses. She talked me into letting her buy it for me as an early Christmas present (ok, so it wasn't that hard of an argument haha).

I also got a pair of pinkish/brownish gloves. I'm not dainty so I was pleasantly shocked that I found some gloves that were actually big enough! I came home and had my own fashion show with my "new" purse and gloves with my fake fur coat. I ended up wearing that outfit the whole night on the couch, watching TV and eating pizza (I did take the gloves off for the food). Only the classiest activities for the classiest of girls. ;)

The pictures of the purse do NOT do it justice. It's way more awesome in person.


  1. Love the purse! It looks like a sort of Lucite pocket book. The gold threads and feathers are really pretty.

  2. Thanks! I really love how the feathers give it a little kick, but it's still mostly a neutral