Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Records Galore!

I went thrifting with some friends today, and one store had records for a dollar. I wasn't planning on buying anything (famous last words), but I started browsing some of them while my friend was trying on clothes. They had some awesome records that I could not resist.

I have no idea what this is yet. It has singing nuns, so obviously it will be amazing.

I've been meaning to get the soundtrack for Chicago forever

This was my favorite one! I almost passed by it because I already have a Sound of Music record. Then it registered that it was with MARY MARTIN!!! I adore her, and didn't even know this existed!!! I'm going to have to go back to listening to this album every day between classes. I'm sure my roommates will be thrilled!
There was also a corner in the store with a repo-original Barbie, a set of Lucy and Ethel dolls, and a Guys and Dolls poster. That was obviously the "me" section of the store but I didn't get any of those things :( I can't wait until I'm not a broke college student!


  1. That "Sound Of Music" record sounds like a cool find! I thought Julie Andrews was the sole singer! Who knew? Maybe this record of yours is a collector's item.

  2. I was thinking maybe Mary Martin was in the play version at some point? There are a couple songs not on the movie version, and the summary on the record is def. different from the movie, so that's the only thing I could think of. I wish I could find a recording of her as Peter Pan, but I've never seen one!

  3. Those are amazing and the cover art rediculous! What a great find!