Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lucky Thrift Finds!!!

All the vintage Christmas ornaments at the antique mall are always really expensive. I joked to my mom that I could probably find a box-full for a dollar at a thrift store sooner or later. Sure enough, there was bag of them today for about a dollar! How lucky is that? There were over a dozen, and I only need to fix the tops on a few. These are my favorites:

My other sister does a lot of craft stuff/jewelry making. She bought a huge grab bag of jewelry bits and pieces. There were several old earrings with no mates. She made them into rings for me! They are so cute! After we were done with thrifting, we stopped by Target and I bought another cloche hat.

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  1. Very cute rings! My friend had lots of brooches, etc. made into cool rings. Love when I find vintage ornaments like that. Those are great@ Zootsuitmama