Friday, October 14, 2011

Probably my best thrift store find yet!

This purchase has me way too excited, but I will try not to be too dramatic about it. When I was thrifting this weekend, I came across an awesome vanity. It was $69 which is totally reasonable for what it is, just not for my personal budget. I kept thinking about it all week, and finally called my Dad to see if he would be willing to get it for me as an early birthday present. After some teasing, he said that would be fine. I went back today not knowing if it had been sold or not since they don't hold stuff until you buy it, and I live an hour away. On the drive down today, I kept joking to my Dad that I was ready to punch some little old ladies if I had to. Not only was it still there, but they slashed the price down to $39!!! I thought I was dreaming!!! There was a little old man shopping there that was super excited that someone so young was getting so excited over an old piece of furniture. He said I suited it nicely. He also was giving me tips on how to fix it up. He was really sweet, I'm glad I didn't have to punch him. Here's a quick snap of it in my parent's garage:


  1. wow, amazing find and the price...unbelievable!!! Can't wait to see it all fixed up and decorated with your pretties!!

  2. What an amazing deal! It looks lovely!

  3. Super cute! Where are you going to put it?

  4. Thanks everyone! Star, I think I'm going to put it where my guinea pig cage used to be, if you can remember my tiny-ass bedroom haha