Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don Draper and I have the same ash tray!

My roommate and I have been on a Mad Men binge all month. Half way through, I happened to notice that the ash tray Don Draper has in his office is the same as mine! It was my grandparents, and my Dad recently gave it to me. I don't smoke, but it's a great little tray to keep jewelry in. Has this ever happened to anyone with other shows/things?


  1. Haha oh wow that's amazing! Sometimes it is easy to forget that these items in their day were mass produced, as we so rarely see their pairs! I once realized I had a piece from the same pineapple breakfast set as another blogger!

  2. I haven't noticed the ashtray - just the smoking! I have just bought seasons 1-4 on DVD so am having a binge too!

  3. What. A COOL. Ashtray! Plus it's Draper approved? Jealous.