Monday, April 4, 2011

Seeing John Waters!

I had the worst cramps of my life, and low blood sugar from not eating all day. Even feeling like complete crap, John Waters was amazing! When I saw him last year, the crowd was terrible. There were so many parts of his one man show that my mom, sister, friend, and I were literally the only ones cracking up. This crowd was MUCH better. I was surprised since this was at a fairly conservative Catholic college. His one man show is called "This Filthy World" and is on DVD for anyone who is interested. Anyone who is a John Waters fan will love it. He talked about different movies he's made, famous people he knows, and all kinds of random stuff. He wasn't talking about the vintage lifestyle specifically, but he did make a comment about how everyone glorifies the good parts about living in the 1950s, but in reality it was pretty bad time for a lot of people, especially if you weren't a straight white man. As much as I love the fashion, movies and music of those times, I have to agree with him. He had a question and answer section after his show. I couldn't think of any good questions though. Sadly, there was no meet and greet this time around. The first time I saw him, I was able to meet him, so it wasn't too disappointing. When I was taking a picture with him, I was standing behind one of my biggest idols, but all I could think was, "I really want to give him bunny't do it!" I didn't, but I mentioned that to my friend, Carol Ann, and she burst out laughing because she said that was all she could think about too. Ahhh totally friends for a reason. Anyways, here is a picture from meeting him at the first show.
I also can not think of this song by Little Richard without this scene from the movie playing in my head. It always makes me want to do bad things, which I guess is the point


  1. John Waters is great and I love his movies! Lucky you! :)
    (I think I watched Cry Baby for the 48th time or something last night;)

  2. Aww i'm super jealous. He's my total hero. <3

  3. this isn't an official site, but it posts tons of info about John Waters stuff. You might want to bookmark it, because it lists all his apearances