Monday, March 19, 2012

A Divine Vacation

As 100% expected, "kitsch week" totally got away from me, but I plan on doing a few more posts like that soon. I took a quick day trip to Baltimore on Thursday to do some John Waters sight-seeing!
Divine's Grave
A close up of the painted nails. I also am unsure of what the "TATG" is a reference to, are there any Divine fans that have an idea?
A theater where many of JW's movies have premiered
JW's and Mink Stole's old house, Pink Flamingos was filmed here
Everyone knows how much I like flamingos by now, so this made my day

I'm a huge John Waters fan, so this was pretty much the best trip ever. I can't wait to go back and see even more areas related to his movies.


  1. Super cool tour! People that I know in Baltimore say that they've seen John a lot and it's no big deal but I think that if I saw would be SUCH a big deal!

  2. I would freak out, and then try not to freak him out. My sister's friend grew up there and saw him all the time. It's pretty funny because she's had this personal vendetta against him because of one time when he bought the last type of yogurt she was going to buy. I really love the thought of John Waters shopping for some yogurt and pissing off some random girl in the process

  3. awesome pictures! I like the flamingo too lol