Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vintage Fate!

THIS is why I ended up not being able to get that wonderful pink couch for Christmas. Wonderful fate! I've been looking for the perfect vintage cape/cloak for YEARS. They have all either been too expensive, the wrong size, or not quite right for whatever reason. This is the first thing I laid eyes on in the vintage store I went to yesterday, but it seemed too good to be true! Everything about it is perfect though! Thanks Mom!

Does anyone here know the actual difference between a cape and a cloak? I asked my mom in the store, and her answer was, "I don't know, a cloak has to be shrouded in darkness?" I burst out laughing so hard, but I like that distinction. There was no real reason to wear it yesterday, so I ended up just wearing it around the house, over pajamas. It was pretty stylish!

What vintage goodies are people hoping for this Holiday?


  1. That is so lovely it should be glowing while angels sing from on high! A pajama cape is something everyone needs.

  2. I forgot to mention the glowing/angels, but that's pretty much what happend in the store ;)