Monday, February 28, 2011

Does anyone know what these are?

What is the last thing I probably need? What is the thing I always want to buy? Dishes!I don't even use the dishes I own because when I moved in with some of my friends, they already had more than enough dishes to go around. These were too cute to pass up. I was only going to buy two (out of three) but I figured the chance of me breaking one was pretty high in the long run, plus they were only a dollar.

Does anyone know what these are, or when they might have been made? They have no markings on the bottom or anything. I asked the lady working what they were. She just looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "teacups?" It was all I could do not to laugh.


  1. It's kind of hard to tell exactly *how* big they are, but they sure look like the bowls from vintage "soup and sandwich" sets. There would've been a small matching plate that came with it with a circular indent for the bowls to rest in. (You know, assuming that's what these are, of course.)
    They sure are a fab pattern! Nice score!

  2. They're on the small side, so I can totally picture them being what you described. Thanks!

  3. These are cups from a 1950s dish set. There were plates and saucers and gravy bowls and salad plates that went with these I am sure. These are also some of the last of the 1950s American pottery made...every homemakes wanted a complete set...these are worth keeping

  4. Awesome! Do you happen to know what they are called?