Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Fever!!!

Halloween is probably one of my all time favorite things in life. This year I'm going to be Mary Poppins. I'm actually using a lot of pieces from a steam punk costume I threw together for a science fiction convention a few years ago. Who knew I would end up getting a second use out of some of those things. I only need a couple more things and my costume should be done! I'm getting super excited! What is everyone else dressing up as?


  1. That's such an awesome costume! I hope you have a carpet bag with a lamp in it haha.

    I was going to be a harlequin, but then I randomly bought a dirndl so now I'm just going to be German.

  2. Thanks! My Mom's making the bag for me. Sadly I don't think I'll be pulling anything that big out of it :(

  3. Be sure to post pictures for us. I too am a Dr. Pepper fiend. I call it the house wine..